Sunday, 15 January 2012

Introducing myself

Hello there. This blog was designed by Manisier and myself to serve several purposes:
1. Give our own perspective of the game and its' ever changing style.
2. Contribute information about up coming cards and releases.
3. Present ideas about our own personal favourites.
4. Detail tournaments and events attended. 
A little insight about myself (Dang):
I have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh since grade 3. So I was about 8 years old at that time. Let me take you down memory lane. I remember my very first booster pack like it was yesterday. A young naive little child walked into a corner shop and foolishly spent $9 on a 'legacy of blue eyes white dragon' pack. I don't remember clearly what i pulled but I do remember trading it away for a can of coke. Oh the shame.

 Since then I have owned several decks that I have used casually with my friends. It wasn't until 2010 that I started to play at a more competitive level and attended tournaments. My first competitive deck was Blackwings. Their speed at that era was incredible and I guess my first loss was to Blackwings so they had a huge impact on me. Soon afterwards I began to move onto the feared X-sabers. We all know that era right? Activate cold wave, summon rescue cat, bring out airbellum and darksoul, Special Faultroll, Synchro Hyunlei, Destroy back row. And so on. 

From there I drifted from the game a little because i couldn't afford cards like pot of duality at $150 each. Or solemn warning at $80 or so. I saved my money for other items. Then late 2011 my friend showed me his new Darkworld deck and it reminded me how some decks can be built in a cheap and competitive way without blowing $1000. So I slowly moved back into the game with my variant of Synchroecentric. My current deck is Agents. The decklist will be up soon on this blog and I will gladly discuss the mechanics of this deck and any interesting techs I have.

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