Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hey guys sorry it's been a while, Alex and I (Alex) are both senior students and obviously the work load is killing us. Anyways the 100th YCS is coming  up and I sincerely wish every duelist out there (yes, even chain burn duelists) the best of luck. The expected turn out is 2000 + duelists!! That's definitely the biggest turn out in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh. Anyways onto my topic. Sorry to contradict you Manisier but I think the need to run triple maxx c is gone now. Let's look at why I would say such a ridiculous thing. You might be asking yourself  NO TRIPLE MAXX C?! HOW AM I GOING TO STOP THE WIND-UP COMBO ?! HOW DO I PLUS OFF TOUR GUIDE AND RABBIT PLAYS?!

The big 3:
Everyone knows the top 3 decks dominating the format has to be Rabbits, Inzektors and Wind-ups. Firstly let's look at Inzektors:
Their signature combo allows them to plus 4 but how many special summons do they do? Dragonfly brings out 1 centipede and from there that just makes your maxx c a 1 for 1. At best they're going to XYZ into zenmaines or something and you get a +1.
The Inzektor combo has the potential to plus 4, even if you plus 1 off their combo it's still a +2 for them at the end of the day. Now let's imagine you dropped effect veiler instead of Maxx c. Sure that's essentially a minus 1 for you but at least you're not going to let your opponent have a +4.
Yes it is devastating to lose your entire hand to the loop but more often than not Maxx c will only save you for one turn and you're only going to get a plus 1 off it at best, unless you have an idiot for an opponent. In my opinion Maxx c can be sided in for this deck but Maxx c isn't really worth maining anymore because most players have written off Wind-ups as both overpriced and easily beaten.
Now this is the deck everyone wants to know how to beat. To be honest I don't even know the most consistent way to take down this deck. The best you can do is hope fiendish chains, snowman eaters and huge beaters will do the trick for you. Now, let's say you just met your opponent at YCS you realise he's running rabbits. If he starts his turn with a tour guide, odds are you will chain maxx c, he will bring out sangan and leave it at that. To you, that's a 1 for 1, but for him that's a +1.
If you chain maxx c to rabbit sure you will get the plus 1 but are you sure the two cards you draw can take down a Laggia? Now, suppose you had played a card like bottomless trap hole (a very underrated card against Rabbits) not only would you eliminate both their dinosaurs, you wouldn't even have to face Laggia at all !

I understand the urge to run triple maxx c and stop the opponent from doing mass special summons. But the Synchro era is over (sadly) and the only deck that spams special summons now are Wind-ups and like I said, they're not big deal. It's time to stop spending $330 on a playset of Maxx c and look at other cards which better suit a match up with the 'Big 3'.

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