Friday, 30 March 2012

Understanding Dark bribe

It's Confucius :D

Dark bribe is a love hate card. You either love what it does or you hate what it does. It's simple enough to understand, negate an activation of your opponent's spell or trap and destroy it. Then they draw one card. In a straight forward situation and scenario this is a plus 1 for your opponent. This is exactly why Dark bribe is a love-hate card. Some people hate the plus1 it gives your opponent but others can appreciate what it does. I'm here to explain why I'm considering this card in some of my future deck builds.

In my experience Dark bribe is a card best played in the dying stages of the game. Meaning, play this card when the game is simplified to the point where you and your opponent are down to 1-3 cards each. A late game scenario typically looks like this:

The following scenario is not a very uncommon one these days. It's skill drain heros vs Dino rabbit. Skill drain puts Beast King Barboras at 3000atk and makes Laggia a simple 2400atk with no effect. Walking solemn? I don't think so. Now I (SynchroKnight) declares an attack on Evolzar Laggia and let's see how it plays out.

As you can see the opponent activated mirror force to which I chained Dark Bribe. Dark Bribe would then fetch my opponent an extra card but in return my Barboras is safe and his attack hits Laggia for 600 Life points. Which, as you can see at this point of the game is quite a big deal. The opponent then starts his/her turn with 3 cards in hand but has to face skill drain along with a 3k Beast.

Now let's explain how this scenario COULD'VE turned out if I didn't have a dark bribe set. I would have lost my Beast and be quite vulnerable to a counter attack the next move which would have finished me. In my opinion, Dark bribe works just like Solemn Judgment. The general notion is to play it late in the game where it's quite worth the cost. You wouldn't solemn judgment the very first card your opponent played when they have another 5 more in hand to back it up would you? Same thing with Dark bribe. You don't use it when your opponent has a plentiful amount of resources at their disposal. You use it late game where the effect is detrimental.

Yes, Dark bribe does give your opponent an extra card but think of it this way. You can only have one copy of heavy storm, monster reborn or Dark hole. Let's say you negated that with dark bribe, no matter what your opponent draws, it can't be one of those again. I won't deny that Solemn Judgment is a powerful card but there just aren't enough cards that can negate spells or traps. Especially in a format like this where spells and traps are so dominant. The key to dark bribe is just like solemn judgment.
To conclude, dark bribe is an advanced card that I personally think is only as good as the player. It all comes down to experience, ability to read and analyse the field and finally, a bit of luck. Why not try a copy or two of dark bribe in your next deck? Practice using it, when to time it and finally, what to negate with it. Perhaps with some luck, you will come to find (as I have) that it is a game changing card that hits opponents harder than they think.

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  1. I dont see why people say D.B is such a bad card, it is nice cause your opponent does not have a 100% of posibilities of drawing a good card also, and you can deny a very powerful spell/trap.