Friday, 10 February 2012

Time to Reminisce

Hey, sorry about the long delay between posts, I've been caught up playing the newly released Final Fantasy 13-2. Just a quick note on that, I highly recommend it to anyone. I even managed to convince my history teacher to buy it and he never even played Final Fantasy 13. He enjoys it a lot and we're competing to see who will finish the game first.

Anyways on a Yu-Gi-Oh note. It's time to reminisce, the September 2011 format is in the final moments of it's reign and with that March 2012 will take it's place with a whole new banlist, a whole new format. A whole new game. So let's just go back 6 months and take a look at the impact of September's banlist shall we? (Talking about travelling through time is weird after you've played ff13-2) 

When the September banlist first hit, Six Samurais were destroyed immediately, they still had a chance but it was nothing in comparison to when gateway was at 3. Synchrocentric took a devastating yet expected hit, T.G. Hyper Librarian going to 1 and Formula Synchron going to 1 as well. Yet Synchrocentric still proved to be able to stand after being hit by the banlist so many times. I think the wonderful thing about Synchrocentric is that it can adapt to pretty much any banlist. Not to mention that despite not being the best deck out there, it takes the most skill to pilot this deck. Anyone can just pick up an inzektor deck and plus 4 off it. But knowing how to use Synchrocentric is a whole new story. 

Mystical space typhoon was released to 3 and heavy storm was also forbidden but released to 1 again so spell/trap destruction was heavy. This forced players to consider how many cards they should set at any one time. Should I set 1 card and risk losing it to Mystical Space typhoon or set a lot and risk losing it all to heavy storm. 

This era also holds what I refer to as the 'God spells'. It's my fancy little way of naming them because Dark hole, Heavy storm and Monster reborn can single handed-ly turn the tides of any game. Heavy storm isn't as great but it's always good when you feel safe about your opponent's backrow. 

Tour Guide from the Underworld and maxx 'c' were seeing an instant soar in their prices because of how popular they suddenly became after Billy Brake carried them to the top spot in YCS. Maxx 'c' has now become a staple in just about any deck with the ability to power through the deck and also stop an opponent in their tracks.

To be honest I was drifting away from the game so I don't remember too much about how it felt to be in the September era. But that's how much I know about it. 

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