Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Up coming banlist discussion

This segment will probably only be help once every 6 months or so because in the Yu-Gi-Oh world has a list called the 'Banlist' which tells players cards which can be played at:
3 (maximum copy of any card)
2 (known as semi-limited)
1 (known as limited)
Forbidden (no copies allowed)

As new packs are released into the game, players tend to have strategies formulated which are over powered or ridiculously game breaking in a way in which the opponent cannot put up a fair fight. These banlists change every March and September. Hence why they are named the 'March banlist' and 'September banlist'
You can find a copy of the official banlist here:
My theory for the upcoming banlist is that Wind-ups, Inzektors, Rabbit decks, Agents and Synchrocentric will be hit in some way or another. I don't think they will hit Wind-ups and Inzektors too hard because the set just came out and Konami would obviously want to make money out of them. But at the same time they can't just leave them untouched because the game would just be so one sided and the winner would basically be decided by the roll of the dice. So overall, Wind ups and Inzektors will be hit, but only enough to stop them from being over over-powered.

Rabbit decks are yet to have their future decided by the up-coming YCS, though everyone believes they're the most likely deck from the current meta to survive once Inzektors/Wind-ups wreak havoc on the field. In my opinion rescue rabbit will be cut down to 1 or 2 but definitely not forbidden.

Agents...They're not completely broken but I admit they do have cards that make them really formidable. Master Hyperion and Archlord Kristya are the two main examples. Master Hyperion is no doubt, one of the most broken boss monsters to have ever hit the game. It requires a single Agent in either hand/field/grave in order to special summon itself and when it does, it usually blows up cards or destroys them through battle with it's massive 2700atk. Archlord Kristya requires exactly 4 fairies in the graveyard to special summon itself and add another fairy to the hand. I have a feeling Agent-Venus might get hit, it really is the card that gives Agents such a advantageous start.

I can't really see Synchrocentric being hit too hard as they aren't expected to survive the changes. But if they were to be hit it would only be cards like Junk Synchron or possibly spore/glow-up bulb. The deck is barely managing to stay alive as it is so any further reductions to certain cards and the deck might die out for good.

Synchro monsters/ XYZ monsters... No synchro monsters are proving to be too much of a threat at this era as only the best of the best synchros have passed the test of the xyz. In terms of xyz monsters, Wind-Up Zenmaighty will definitely be hit by the banlist unless Konami wants to make life hell for the next 6 months.

I'm sad to say this but I think it's about time Black luster soldier- Envoy of the beginning laid down his sword for at least another 6 months. He has left his mark on the dueling society forever. But in all seriousness, dropping a 3000atk monster which can potentially attack twice or instantly removea card from play regardless of position is too great.

Heavy storm, dark hole and monster reborn are all powerful spells which can change the tides of any game if they go through. I have a feeling at least one of these three spells will be hit in some way. Heavy storm is probably the least threatening card although it does force the opponent to set only about 1 or 2 cards unless they have starlight road. Dark hole and monster reborn are extremely game breaking in the sense that you can easily set up combos with monster reborn or just bring back a huge beater like Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the beginning.

That's about all I can think about for now, the list is due in roughly 3 weeks so brace your decks and subject them to the necessary changes. Now that school has officially started for both Manisier and myself, posts will become less regular but I will definitely have some ideas to bring up post March banlist.

Until then good luck dueling!

Quote: "Play hard or go home"

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