Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Winning Games and Taking Names

Hey guys, how was your long weekend? Mine was pretty good. On Monday it started pouring in the morning and i honestly did not want to spend the day out in the cold so when my friend Jason told me that Parramatta would be holding an extra tournament for the long weekend I was like hell yeah. I showed up a bit early and did a bit of trading and pre tournament practicing. Finally everybody showed up and to my relief Wayne did not. Which meant that I had a legitimate attempt at first place today. I prepared myself mentally just like every other tournament I participate in. Then decided to go with Inzektors for the deck of my choice.
Match 1: Dino Rabbit
I was rather excited about this round as I had never versed Dino rabbits in real life before. Sadly the guy ran a really sub-par build and this is how it went.
Round 1:
He drew no monsters for the first few rounds so I beat him down with inzektor monsters while gaining card advantage. By the time he drew a monster I solemn warning-ed it for game.
Round 2:
This one wasn't too hard either, he summoned Cardcar D and drew two cards off it's effect and then from there i just beat him down with inzektors until he drew rescue rabbit which I solemn warning-ed
Match 2: Chaos dragons
The kid was talking about how he beat me yesterday (I joined a tournament on Sunday too) and how this is my chance to get revenge which I honestly did not care about lol.
Anyways onto business.
Round 1:
He hit me pretty hard early in the game with a REDMD and lightpulsar but I conserved my cards and began to combo off for the One Turn Kill. Sadly I misplayed and left him on 100lps. He did manage to recover a little but a simple swing with my Leviathan dragon next turn easily clinched the game.
Round 2:
After some intense thinking about what to side in and out, we started round 2. I managed to open up with some nice side deck cards such as Dimensional prison and my threatening roar (I main deck 2 though 3 is just for Chaos dragons which rely heavily on blasting out over 5000 point worth of damage in one go). A nice lock down with dimensional prison combined with multiple copies of threatening roar made round 2 rather simple for me.

The good thing about Chaos dragons is that they don't main deck traps so you'll be safe in that area and most builds won't run mystical space typhoon so feel free to set 2 traps or more if you're daring. In game 1 I like to trigger cards like threatening roar and compulsory evacuation device so that my opponent gets the impression that my traps are chainable. That way in round 2 I can side in continuous spells/traps such as dimensional prison or rivalry of the warlords. By the time they realise they need their MST's I would have already combo-ed off for game or assembled enough cards to play smoothly.

Match 3: Chaos dragons (again)
Round 1:
He over powered me with dragons and his in-hand effect veiler and D.D crow was too much for me to push through. He eventually just beat me down to 0Lps
Round 2:
This duel went on FOREVER. I drew some nice side deck cards such as fossil dyna, and my other copy of threatening roar, my dimensional fissure. Eventually he had a set monster, Lightpulsar, REDMD, Photon Strike Bounzer on the field staring me down. I managed to fend off two potential deaths with threatening roars and flipped Fossil Dyna to destroy all his monsters and swing for game.
Round 3:
This one was interesting for me because time ran out. Which meant that we had 5 turns before the winner was decided. Whoever had the least life points by 5 turns lost. I was freaked out because Chaos Dragons are notorious for dropping heaps of damage without notice. Thankfully for me dimensional prison kept him at bay and he drew no good cards. I attacked with centipede which he responded to with a Gorz drop. I used Dark hole and from there he forfeited due to bad draws. Close call !

Match 4: Lightsworn/Lightrays (Finals)
I had beaten this kid before so I didn't get too worked up about this match up
Round 1:
The guy summone Lyla on turn 1 and I set sangan with no s/t as I didn't want to lose any to Lyla. Little did I know that was  HUGE mistake as he took advantage of that next turn and killed me.
Round 2:
Some serious siding in went down on my part but he chose not to. I started an easy lock down with Dimensional Prison and Fossil Dyna which caused him to have nothing to do since he couldn't special summon or mill cards. His deck was in perfect lock down from where I sat. When the pieces were assembled I combo-ed off and killed him quickly.
Round 3:
He milled really fast, like over 1/3 of his deck was gone by his second turn. Luckily for me he decided to hold out on any big plays so I took advantage of that and combo-ed off for game.

So there you have it, I piloted Inzektors to first place and claimed my $20 prize money. I'm happy to win of course as I profited some money but I didn't beat Wayne which probably won't happen for a while. All in all it was a good day, I brought some cards at very reasonable prices and even received a few goodies off my friends.

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