Thursday, 28 June 2012

Deck profile: Evolsaurs

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've blogged but holidays is here and I'll kick things off with a deck profile of a theme that I personally enjoy playing. The Evolsaur/Evoltile archetype involves using reptiles and dinosaurs to xyz into the mighty Evolzar monsters Lggia and Dolkka. The theme is based on evolution with reptiles (Hence Evoltile a mixture of the words evolution and reptile) and Evolsaur (dinosaur + evolution). Some have compared the Evolsaur theme to the Gladiator Beast theme ( I shall soon be doing a deck profile of this deck too) in the sense that the Evolsaur monsters must be brought out by the effects of an Evoltile monster to gain their effect.
That is the first draft of my Evolsaur deck.

Evolsaur Cerato- A solid monster at 1900 attack points and a nice effect where if it was summoned by an evoltile it's attack goes up by 200 and every time it destroys a monster by battle you can search an evoltile to your hand. Sweet effect in my opinion.

Evolsaur Diplo- When this guy is summoned by an evoltile effect he destroys one spell/trap on the field. Useful for clearing the path for your Evolzar summons.

Evolsaur Vulcano- This is perhaps my favourite Evolsaur, when he's summoned by an Evoltiles' effect he can pull an Evolsaur from the graveyard. By summoning Vulcano you can instantly xyz into any rank 4 of your choice.

Evoltile Westlo- The recruiter of the deck and possibly the most solid opening move you can make in this deck is just setting Westlo and one other spell/trap. 1900 Defense makes this guy really solid and when he's flipped he brings out an Evolsaur monster for an instant +1

Evoltile Najasho- Najasho is perhaps the best and worst monster you can have. When combined with Enemy controller or Evo-force, Najasho becomes your best Evoltile monster but without those 2 spell cards he really is just a dead monster with a solid body at 2000 defense.

The only spell I'm really going to explain is Evo-force and Evo-Diversity since the rest are generic and you can tweak some spells/traps around if you find that they don't suit your playstyle.

Evo-force- A power card for this deck. When combined with Najasho this card can potentially be a +2 if used correctly, I'll explain a bit further down how this can happen. You can tribute any Evoltile monster for this card to bring out an Evolsaur but you'll most likely want to tribute Najasho if you can since Najasho will trigger and allow you to special summon another Evolsaur from the deck.

Evo-Diversity- This card adds so much consistency to a deck that lacks consistency. The general idea of yugioh themes is that any deck with their own spell search card is destined to do well. Well this deck has its own one too, Evo-diversity can search out any evolsaur or evoltile monster. The only drawback is that you can only activate one per turn but to me that's no big deal at all. You want most of your Evolsaur monsters in your deck unless you can guarantee an xyz summon and if you search an Evoltile you're most likely going to just set it anyway.

So as I said earlier the main function of this deck is to gain card advantage with the Evolsaur effects and using the Evoltile monsters to trigger those effects. You want to xyz into Evolzar Laggia or Dolkka as soon as possible to create pressure for your opponent to deal with it as soon as possible whilst drawing into more ways to make extra Evolzars to back your current Evolzar. Once you stick an Evolzar on the field you want to back it up with about 2-3 spells/traps. You don't need to fear petty cards like heavy storm as your laggia will keep you safe from it. And don't worry too much about your opponent using monster effects or trying to destroy your Laggia through battle because your back row will usually protect your Laggia. It's a you scratch my back I'll scratch yours situation. Once you summon Dolkka and Laggia and both of them have their effects it's usually game over for your opponent unless they have a crazy hand. Never be afraid to lose card presence to xyz into Laggia or Dolkka as they will usually make up for the -1 they cost you to summon with their negating abilities.

As I said earlier there is a combo to +2 with Evo-force and Najasho. Let's say you have two Evolsaur monsters in your graveyard.

-Summon Najasho and use Evo force (-2)
- Summon 1 Evolsaur Vulcano with Najashos ability and another Evolsaur Vulcano with Evo force's effect. (+/- 0)
-Use both Vulcanos' to bring back two Evolsaur monsters from your graveyard (+2)
 From there you could attack but I highly recommend you don't as the monsters brought back with Evolsaur Vulcano cannot attack. The best option is to bring out Laggia and Dolkka or double Laggia if you think that's what the situation calls for. In any case you just turned 2 extremely redundant cards into 2 massive bosses. One that is known as the 'walking solemn judgment' (Laggia)

Anyways I hope I managed to convince you of the strength and potential that lies within Evolsaurs. The deck does have its awkward hands like every other deck but it is one of the more efficient ways of bringing out Laggia/Dolkka.
See you next time on Gladiator Beasts.

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