Saturday, 26 May 2012

A guide to winning with subpar decks

So today I went to Paramatta with my girlfriend and we participated in the Sealed pack play that I talked about in my previous post. We both paid our $40 entry fee and received our 9 booster packs. I was rather disappointed with each pack I opened as I didn't get any extremely broken cards like Raigeki or Haripe's Feather Duster. But nevertheless I did pull good cards like Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness and Pot of Duality. My girlfriend (Jenny) pulled some pretty amazing cards such as Utopia, Raigeki, Soul exchange, Beast King Barboras, Forbidden lance, Fiendish chain. When I saw her cards I actually did lost a bit of hope of winning the tournament and felt like giving up but I built my deck in the end and even built hers for her.
This is the deck I ended up using in my tournament for sealed pack play.

If you recognise my cards you'll also realise it's not the best deck considering how many other cards were in the pack that I could've gotten. But like I said, this is a guide to winning. I cannot stress how important it is to maintain your composure and stay positive even while using a bad deck. Sadly this was not the case for me and I went into the tournament thinking, just ease up you'll never win with these kind of cards.

In my first round I actually lost my fist game then won 2 games straight by beating my opponent down with my level 4 monsters. My Caius the Shadow monarch actually managed to win the game for me.

After winning round 1, I was exhilarated and shocked. The guy had so many good cards and had a few chances to win the duel, but I guess I managed to time key cards like dark bribe at the right time.
Second round was a shocker. Despite winning I was paired with a person who lost their first round, even more surprising, it was Jenny. Nothing really special about this match it was a quick 2-0 win for me. But there was one rather good play on behalf where I was going to blast sphere her Mobius equipped with a united we stand for 4000 damage. But she used Darkworld shackles to lower her monster to 100 attack points and save herself for a while.

Going into round 3 I was definitely worried, the guy had amazingly broken cards like Pot of Greed and Gorz and Lance. After copping a quick beating in round 1, I was convinced my hopes of winning were crushed. But after some really intense clutch plays, I managed to win the duel. One crucial misplay on my opponents part cost him the match. This is an important part to the game, being able to see your opponents misplays and capitalise on them.

This was it, final round, the bubble. I was secretly mentally preparing myself for the finals but a part of me just couldn't help but feel like the first 3 rounds were all luck and luck can only get you so far. My friend Wayne showed up and we talked a bit about my deck and he thought I had a fighting chance considering the sort of players in the area. The finals began and Wayne was judging. My opponent managed to win a very intense game 1 with a well resolved Raigeki. Despite several misplays on both our behalves (which Wayne was only too happy to point out each time) we managed to get to a 1-1 state where the third game would decide it all. After many swings in momentum the game eventually settled down to me having a 2400 attack monster and the opponent having 2 monsters weaker than it. Unfortunately he drew an Offerings to the doom spell card and sealed the game with that.

So there you have it, my road to second place with an incredibly subpar deck. I don't regret too much because I'm simply so grateful that I managed to utilise my experience in Yu-Gi-Oh to carry a deck so far.  This could have just been a test to see how well I can duel under such circumstances. Jenny went 2-2 if you were curious, she lost 2 then won 2.  I won $15 prize money and used it to buy 2 packs of sleeves for my cards. This post wasn't intended to boast about myself but to inspire those who have bad luck with pulls at sneak peeks and sealed plays, I know I have really bad luck at these sort of events so today was rather special for me.

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