Thursday, 24 May 2012

Battle pack: Epic Dawn

To be honest, when I first read about this 'Battle Pack: Epic Dawn" I was like it sounds crap. Then I heard that Tour Guide from the Underworld was going to be re-printed in it, I was like okay change of heart. (See what I did there?) Anyways, for those who are wondering what's so amazing about this pack, it's a pure reprint pack. A reprint is basically a card from a previous pack which has been printed again to make it easier to get. For the full list of cards in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn click on the link below
If you look through most of these cards you'll notice some familiar names and perhaps some you've never heard of. As a Yu-Gi-Oh veteran I didn't even recognise every card I saw. Obvious highlights of this pack would be stuff like Tour Guide from the Underworld, Gorz the Emissary of darkness, Fiendish chain, forbidden chalice and forbidden lance and a whole bunch of other goodies you might see fit for your current deck. This pack also brings with it a new interesting twist of its own. A whole new way to play called sealed pack play. What is this you might ask. Basically, the most simplest way to do this is buy an entire box of Battle Pack: Epic Dawn and split the packs amongst 2 other friends. What happens is each player opens a pack and selects a card then passes on the rest of the cards for the opponent to choose one. This happens until you have opened all the packs and everybody has their pool of cards. You can either choose to play with 40 cards per deck or 20. Sealed draft play is a new concept in Yu-Gi-Oh so I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on it since I have as much experience as any other person out there: 0. All I know is that it brings about a whole new exciting and fun way to play Yu-Gi-Oh.
There is also a new type of rarity in this set called the 'Starfoil rare'. This new rarity is inspired by Japan because they have their own version of this called 'Duel Terminal rare'. I took the liberty of buying a few of these packs myself the other day to share with you guys what the starfoil rare looks like. So here it is:

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