Friday, 9 November 2012

Changes to the blog

Hello friends, we haven't posted in a while but here is an update of what's going on:
  • Banner ads have been placed on the blog. You are free to use AdBlock if you want, but just leaving them gets us a little bit of money (like pretty small amounts but it adds up). No obligation to view them at all!
  • We have a new author in Luke "kd24" Miller! He plays on Dueling Network under the username Emblem. We respect him a lot over in #yugioh, so stay tuned for some of his posts!
  • Mr. Dang will no longer play Yu-Gi-Oh! at a serious, competitive level due to studies and other factors - he's basically going to be me now. 
  • Some non-YGO posts will be made and we plan to expand the blog to a more pop culture-based one, including but not limited to games (with a focus on League of Legends), music, etc.
Thanks for your patience!

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